Selous Safari Camp

The Selous Safari Camp, on the banks of Lake Nzerakera, is designed to blend in with the spectacular natural scenery in what is one of the most photogenic areas of the Selous Game Reserve. Each of the nine safari tents sits atop its own raised timber platform, affording guests an unmatched experience of the African bush.The camp has the prime position at the centre of the unique riverine and lake complex, with the highest concentration of African wildlife and myriad birdlife. There are no fences and no artificial modifications to the natural fauna and so animals wander freely through the camp.The camp is spacious and stylishly designed for an atmospheric stay, with a shady swimming pool to complete its appeal. A richly furnished dining room and bar are raised high on stilts substantial enough to withstand the onslaught of elephant perusals during candlelit suppers, and the billowing sleeping tents each have their own private veranda and are colourfully bright and airy.

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