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Also known as "the land of a thousand hills",  Rwanda is a beautiful Central African landlocked country. Rwanda has made a remarkable recovery from the 1994 genocide which saw more than 800,000 people killed at the hands of Hutu extremists and much of its infrastructure destroyed. The country is now leading the way in using tourism for sustainable development and conservation. It is easily accessible and works well as an add-on to any East African itinerary. 

Kigali is the capital city and the center of commerce. A visit to the Genocide Memorial should not be missed. 

The Virunga Mountains have high altitude forests, and home to the rare Mountain Gorillas. Lake Kivu offers beautiful beaches, jutting peninsulas and an archipelago of islands. The high-altitude Nyungwe Forest in the south, is one of the largest remaining rainforests in Africa, and home to 13 primates, including chimpanzees and colobus monkeys, rare orchids and nearly 300 different species of bird.In the valleys are great sweeping tea plantations, rice fields and coffee groves.

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