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May 2006
John and I have just returned from our annual trip to South Africa. The school is looking fantastic and the vegetable garden has become a reality. What a difference running water is making. The children now have 
breakfast and lunch at school. Both of us thought the children looked healthier. This year we purchased pine cafeteria furniture. Finally, the children don't have to sit on the floor while having lunch.

Now that we are over all the major hurdles with Mazinyane Preschool, we felt it was now time to find another needy area to build the next preschool. Outside of Sodwana Bay National Park  in the province of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa is a rural Zulu village. At the moment, Sunshine Preschool is operating from a 2-room shack. 75-100 preschoolers attend this facility. Ages 2-4 are in a classroom that has 3 posters. The other classroom for ages 4-7 has a few more things.

We have partnered up with KZN Wildlife to oversee this project and currently they are getting quotes on the project. The plans are to build the same time of facility as what we have in Lillydale B. At this stage we have no idea of costs and are focusing our efforts on the fundraising.

John and Mariane are off to South Africa in April and May and are really looking forward to their visit to both areas. 
A full report will be posted by June. Our updated DVD, "Dream Continues" is finally done! This 36 minute documentary shows the construction, the drive to have it completed by May 16, 2002, the opening ceremonies, and ongoing improvements as well as footage of the new project in Sodwana Bay . For a minimum donation of CAD50.00 we will mail you a copy. To those that donated in 2006, we are in the process of mailing out copies. A special thanks to Jim Eidt of Pan Productions for his many hours of editing and creativity on this DVD.


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